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Industrial rubber tubes vary from commercial or residential grade tubes. Industrial grade rubber is tougher, stronger, and longer-lasting than other grades of rubber tubing. Some factories may mistakenly use the wrong grade of tubing because they are unaware of the difference. Industrial rubber tubes are the only product designed for industrial use and are the only tubes that can provide the performance necessary to complete a variety of industrial tasks.

The best way to find out if your tubes are industrial quality is to check the manufacturer’s label. The label should indicate whether the tubing is industrial quality or not. If you are still unsure of the grade, you can contact the manufacturer and they will let you know which grade of tubing you have by reading the model number.

Most industrial tubing is designed specifically for industrial tasks found in factories and other uses. Some of the main categories of use for industrial tubing includes air compressor tubing, chemical hoses, concrete pump hoses, marine exhaust hoses, fuel oil tubing, HD wash down hoses, air duct hose, and heat pump tubing. Switching lesser graded tubing for industrial grade and strength tubing is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your tubing. In some case, you will be able to know significant performance differences between industrial grade tubing and the tubing previously used in these applications.

The superior resistance to chemicals, sunlight, UV rays, abrasions, and other irritants that industrial rubber has is far better for the high-intensity needs of most industrial factories and businesses. Make sure you are using industrial rubber tubes and you will not be disappointed.

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